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What We Do #PSBA

Prowess Badminton Academy caters to people aged 3 to 60 years old. Prowess Badminton Academy in Borivali,Mumbai with top coach provides the best training to improve your child’s game, experience fun, and stay active in an enthusiastic and social atmosphere.

Most of our sessions are conducted on weekdays after school hours and on the weekend in a safe, fun environment at eskay resort in Borivali, Mumbai.

Prowess Badminton Academy prides itself on the quality instruction, qualified and certified coach who help kids discover their natural ability and love for the game. Depending on the level, our players will learn the basics and advanced techniques of this sport from our qualified coaches.

Prowess Badminton Academy for everyone in Mumbai is on the mission to provide convenient, safe access and a variety of learning opportunities for badminton lovers to enjoy this great sport. The best part of dealing with us is we interact with each of our students personally to know about their requirements. We consult with them about their problems and take their feedback to ensure that they become the best badminton player that they can be.

We are also here to make badminton a popular sport in Mumbai, and as such, we have developed a unique training programme that all of our coaches follow.


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